Monday, October 17, 2011

39 Weeks

1 week left till Bryson's due date. However, I am hoping we don't make it another week. In fact, I'd like to go into labor...right....NOW. As thankful as I am for this pregnancy, I've done my 9 months and I want him out. I am so over not being able to get up from the couch easily or the bed.. and the leg cramps are really no fun to endure all night long. Plus, he has an attitude and his kicks can hurt. I try to tell him if he would just come on out, he'd have a lot more room to stretch! My hands and feet are so swollen pretty much all the time now. It's really not attractive; plus it hurts. I hope he decides to come soon!

My birthday was on Saturday. We went out to eat Friday night at Logan's, so I could have salmon. It was so yummy! Saturday morning, we went to chick-fil-a. My fav! I hadn't had their breakfast in a long time, so it was delish! We went to a couple places around town, so I could walk around and then it was time for football. I was craving frozen yogurt that afternoon, so we went to Chill. It was so good!! I had espresso with chocolate chips and chocolate sprinkles. Josh had vanilla with hot chocolate. Can you tell I am pregnant? My whole birthday was centered around food! To top it off, Alabama won their game! Roll Tide! We pretty much tortured Ole Miss.. I think our 6th string was playing at the end. ;]

Josh finished his last graduate class of the year with another A. He's really just too smart for his own good. ;] He has one more class to take to receive a Master's certificate. He won't be taking that class until next year because it would be too much with a new baby around. The test he has to take for work is another thing he has to accomplish. He decided not to rush it because there is SO much material to study. He will take it when he's ready and prepared.

Next time I blog, I hope it's about Bryson's birthday!!! Prayers please!!!!!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Attack Dogs/Crazy Squirrel

We look so sweet and innocent. To the outside world, we probably look like we wouldn't hurt a fly. All love, no bark. But! We are in fact killer dogs. We prey on the young and weak. First, let me back up and tell the story.. Two days a go I was sitting on the back porch and Josh was out in the yard walking around talking on the phone. I started hearing this rustling noise and I thought it was coming from the bushes in front of the porch because Jackson is always running around in them chasing lizards. The rustling continues, so I get up and go to the edge of the porch.. and it gets louder. Except it sounds like it's coming from the walls. I start to freak out a little because I'm thinking it's like a snake or large lizard that's about to fall on my head because I can't figure out where the noise is coming from. So I start jumping around and waving my hands like a moron trying to get Josh's attention without making much noise that will scare whatever is moving around. Josh comes up on the porch and I tell him there's a noise and something is in the walls or roof. He hears the noise and hits the aluminum roof above our screened in porch and it makes a huge noise and then lots of scurrying. I was thinking a raccoon or possum has made the roof their home. Josh gets the ladder and gets on the roof... and finds out that it is a squirrel. She's made her home under the roofing on top of the porch. Josh scares the squirrel off and that's the end of that. Later I hear it going back up the rain gutter to the roof. That night Josh goes out there and scares it off again. The next morning it's back and he scares it off again and now I tell him.. What if the squirrel has babies and that's why she keeps going back! Don't mess with her!!! Well I was right. That squirrel does have babies and today she had some kind of accident with them. The dogs wanted to go out, so I of course let them out. I heard Jackson barking and ran to the door. I knew I had heard some kind of noise, but I thought it was just the squirrel yelling at the dogs from the roof top. I messed around with Delta and told her to get the squirrel. She just kept barking at the rain gutter. I brought them back inside and that was the end. A little later they asked to go back outside, so I let them out. Then I hear dogs barking and a screaming sound. I knew the sound exactly. I knew they were about to kill something. I go running out there to save it. I run into the yard and see this itty bitty tiny baby squirrel laying in the grass. The mommy squirrel is running back and forth screaming on top of the roof. I am yelling at the dogs to get away, so they don't eat it in front of me. I get Delta away and pick Jackson up and put them inside and go back out there to see if it's ok. The squirrel is still moving and doesn't appear to be injured. It's making a horrible racket. I get back on the porch because I am hoping the mommy squirrel is going to run down the rain gutter and get her baby! I start hearing racket in the gutter and I expect the mom to be coming out at any second. Instead I watch another baby squirrel roll out onto the concrete and start screaming. So now I am freaking out... what the heck is this mom thinking? She is throwing her babies down a gutter and they are rolling across hot concrete. I call Josh and let him know that he's made the mom mad and she's trying to move her babies off the roof. He thinks it's funny and tells me to leave them alone. I stand out on the hot porch for like 20 minutes waiting for the mom to come and she doesn't. The babies are crawling around. I decide to go inside in case she smells me and that's why she won't come down. About 10 minutes later, I go back out and I only see one baby close to the gutter now. I didn't know where the other one went.. if it crawled into the bushes or what. So I went out there to check and didn't see anything. I think "Yay! Mom has saved her kids. Everything is ok!" Except as I was typing this blog post I hear the screaming again. That stupid mother has dropped another baby down the gutter and it is laying out there on the concrete. This one is not moving around like the others and I really don't want to find out that she's killed it. The dogs are going crazy. They want to get outside and I'm not letting them!!! Well as I was typing the other part of my blog, I heard more squirrel screams. She threw another one down the gutter and when I went out there she was down there picking him up. She ran with him down the fence and jumped into a tree. The other baby is laying down there stiff and not moving. :[ I don't know if these are two different babies or the same two she threw down before. I really wish she would come get her deceased baby because I am not about to handle that.

A picture of two of the babies she threw down the gutter.. I took it on my iPhone through the screen so that's why it looks weird.

I've already had this happen to me before back in Mobile about 2 years a go. I heard Jackson and Sam fighting and ran outside and found a baby squirrel in Sam's mouth. I was so mad at him. He was going to eat that squirrel! Josh tried to tell me to leave it out there because it was going to die. Um no! I do not leave a poor innocent animal to suffer and die. I saved that squirrel. I put him in a box with a towel. I put a warm water bottle beside him and I went to the pet store and got a milk supplement and I fed that squirrel everyday for a couple months until he was ready to go out on his own. For a while, I could call him down the tree and he would sit on his feeder and take peanuts from my hand. It was really neat.

Some pictures of "Lucky", the squirrel I rescued.

What a crazy day! Poor little squirrels... I hope she has a safe nest for them now.