Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Little Update

So. Bryson is a daycare dropout. :] He lasted two days and then we were done. I didn't feel comfortable with him being there. The place was chaotic and overwhelming and after finding him crying both days, I wasn't too happy. The last day he was basically inconsolable, so that was it. He now stays at home with Josh and he just starts his work day a little later, so it works out great. It makes it a lot easier on me being at work knowing he's at home and happy! Josh is enjoying his new job! I mean how could someone not enjoy working from home!? It's such a blessing that he has this job! I've been missing my mornings with Bryson, but I've enjoyed being back at work also. Bryson is doing a lot better with sleeping and only getting me up about twice a night depending on what time he goes to bed. I'm use to sleep deprivation, so getting up for work isn't too bad. I just go to bed real early.
I'll leave y'all with a funny story. In the middle of me writing this blog, Bryson woke up from his nap, so I had to nurse him. When he was nursing he pooped. This is not a big deal and pretty normal. Except this time when I picked him up to burp him, my hand touched something wet. The wetness was poop. As I discovered he had exploded out of his diaper, he also decided to spit up all over me. So I'm holding up a baby with poop all over his back side and spit up all over his mouth. (Picture that.) It was one of those diapers where Josh had to hold him up and I undress him and then lay him on a walmart bag and clean him all up. All while this is happening, Josh is jumping around like a little kid talking about throwing up and don't let him touch it. haha What a wimp! :]

P.S Roll Tide! Alabama just won their 14th National Championship incase you live under a rock and didn't know! ;] We shut LSU out and showed them who the best team is in the SEC! Go Bama!