Thursday, October 21, 2010


A quick update:

After 2 and a half months, Josh has finally cracked. The dishwasher can now be used! You may wonder how I accomplished this feat... 2 and a half months of him doing the dishes after dinner is what did him in. Our deal is I cook and he cleans the dishes after! This week he kept waiting later and later to start washing and finally he says "Why don't we just use the dishwasher?" Well sir, that sounds great to me! haha

I attempted to make chicken and dumplings for supper. I think they turned out ok for my first time. Lesson number 1: add more salt to the water. Lesson number 2: Less is always more. You can add more water easier than taking it away. Lesson number 3: Make sure you have all needed supplies before beginning. I had to roll the dough out by hand... Yeah, not so fun. Besides lacking the flavor of salt and pepper, I think they were good because I just added as much as I wanted on my own plate. I try to be lenient with seasonings because Josh is extremely picky about something being over flavored. Plus, I like more salt than I should and he does not. At least now I know what to do for the next time.

I got my vinyl in for my cricut. I named her Carrie. Carrie the Cricut. Carrie and I have been cricuting everything. I've even ordered more vinyl and hopefully I won't need any more for a while. I need a job to afford my habit.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm 23 now..

This past weekend we spent it in Mobile for my birthday. I had a miserable week of staying around the house and it was good to get out and go to Mobile. I am dying of boredom waiting around for subbing jobs.. I need a job! Anyways.. Friday, when Josh got home from work we loaded up the car and hit the road to Mobile. We didn't get there till late, so once I got home I opened up my gifts and went to bed. I got the best gift that I really really wanted, a CRICUT!!!! A cricut is a personal electric cutter. You use different cartridges that have different fonts and shapes to cut out on cardstock or vinyl paper. The vinyl paper is sticky and cuts out stickers that you can put on basically anything you want. Once I cricut a few things I will post pictures, so you can see what it does. I will use it to make personalized gifts and for my future classroom. I haven't been able to use it yet because I had to order paper and it still hasn't come in... It's driving me nuts to have a cricut sitting in my house and I still haven't been able to use it! I hope the paper comes soon...
I also received some Disney Christmas items, so I am ready for Christmas to be here!!! I love decorating for Christmas! Saturday was spent shopping, lunch with the family, and dinner with my best friends, Ashlea and Madison. It was a great day! Sunday was spent with the in-laws! Josh's Dad cooked us a delicious lunch of three different kinds of fish! It was great! We had fried ling, speckled trout, and grilled bass! Oh and you can't forget the fried pickles! It was delish! It was a great ending to my birthday weekend. I can't believe I am already 23.. 22 went by fast! I know on October 15, 2009, when I turned 22, I had NO idea that I would be sitting in Dothan Alabama. I was worried about school, the upcoming semester of student teaching, and wedding plans. It's crazy how much can change in a year.

We haven't completed any home improvement projects lately... We really just need to paint the bathrooms. I guess we will get around to that eventually.

I don't think there is anything else to blog about.. so until next time y'all!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where did fall go?

Last time I blogged about cooler weather... well that cooler weather has disappeared and summer weather is back. Boo! It was 90* today!! The humidity was low, but still I want those cooler temperatures back!

Last weekend, my parents and Sam came to visit! My poor Sammy had surgery to remove a hernia and his manhood and he was super skinny.. he needs me because apparently my Mom is starving him! ;] (kidding) The guys spent the day watching football and the girls spent it shopping! It was great. Then we watched Alabama football roll alllll over those gators! It was wonderful! On Sunday, we tried a new church called Harvest Church and we really enjoyed it!! The atmosphere is really relaxed, the music is contemporary, and the pastor has a great sense of humor. We went there again today and I believe the next Sunday we are there we will fill out a card to join.

Friday was my last day working with the kindergarten class at HA. They had a pizza party for me and the teachers gave me a card with a gift certificate to Nip and Ernies. I really enjoyed my time in that classroom. I put myself on their subbing list so hopefully I will get a lot of calls. Mrs. Coleman said she would spread the word so I hope I will get a few jobs a week. One of the 3P teachers has already asked me to sub for her in November and I know all the preschool teachers and aides will call me, so that's good!

On Saturday, we had Josh's coworkers over.. Justin came for the the whole game and Callean, his wife, and their two girls came for a little while. Allie stayed and hung out with us and then Sarah came for a little while. Unfortunately it wasn't a happy ending and that's all I have to say about the game. Speaking of Josh's coworkers, Justin and Callean found out they are expecting another child! In honor of that I made cupcakes and sent them to work with Josh. They were strawberry flavored with blue and pink sprinkles! I was told everyone enjoyed them.

I have pulled something in my back and have been in a lot of pain since Friday. I don't know how I did it, but I woke up Friday and couldn't move my neck and now it's all the way down to my right shoulder blade. I sneezed this evening and it made the pain so bad I had to send Josh to the store for a muscle relaxer. I hope it gets better now...

As for home improvement, Josh added four shelves on the back wall of our closet so now I had room for all my shoes. It looks good and also adds hanging space! I think that's all we have done for now..

According to Dothan, the most exciting news is that two new Publix's have opened in our area. Apparently that's a huge deal and people even camped out for the grand opening. That seems a bit weird to me... I mean it's just a grocery store... not the premiere of a Twilight movie. Josh and I decided to see what the fuss was on Friday and learned that it's just a bunch of overpriced items. I do have to say they have a huge selection and great organic options, but it's just too expensive for us right now.

Well that's really all I have to blog about now.. this weekend we are coming to Mobile for my birthday! Can't believe I am going to be 23.. Ugh time is just flying by!