Monday, December 27, 2010

So long 2010...

It's weird to think that there is only 4 more days of 2010 left..
2010 was a very exciting year for me and Josh. We both graduated from college, Josh got a great job, we bought our first house, we got married, went on a cruise to the Bahamas, we moved almost 4 hours away from everything we were use too, I went to Disney World, etc etc... I would have to 2010 was one of the best years of my life. A lot changed, but it was all for the good.

We had a great first Christmas. We got some awesome gifts! So thank you everyone! I can't believe Christmas is already over.. I don't want to put my decorations up.. I enjoy my Christmas trees. :] I did go shopping on Sunday and got all kinds of goodies for next Christmas. Now I can't wait to be able to use all my new stuff! Our Christmas was spent with family and we had a lot of fun. Here's a picture of us from our first Christmas together..

I do have to brag about one of my Christmas presents.. Josh got me a program for my cricut that allows me to use 100s of fonts. I tried it out this morning and it's great! I have to get the hang of the layout so I don't waste vinyl, but I can't wait to have a real reason to use it. I need birthdays or showers to come up! If you ever want something personalized let me know and I can try to help out with my cricut. I'd love to have a side business doing this kind of stuff.. It's just fun!
Here are some pictures of just some of my creations..
I made this Alabama theme wine glass and matching ornament (the ornament is sitting in the wine glass) for Ms. Bev's friend.
This is a picture of the gift I made for Josh's Dad.. it's to hang on the wall
This is a reusable cup I made for a friend to give to their friend. It's Alabama theme and has their name on it and then roll tide on the top of the cup.

Well I've just discovered that I've only taken pictures on my phone of the other stuff I've done (or I just can't find it on my computer), so I'll try to take some pictures to put on the computer to post on here. I've done the reusable cups, aluminum water bottles, cake carriers, cupcake carriers, reusable bags, decorative plates, and of course ornaments. I've had a lot of fun using my cricut!

Another exciting announcement is that Josh has decided to go to graduate school. He applied to Penn State for their online classes and will begin this Spring semester. I am very proud of him and I know he's excited/nervous to begin classes again! It's going to look great of his resume! Yay Josh!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I apologize for neglecting my blog for over a month, but I have been busy! An update to my last blog is that Delta is doing just fine. You would never know anything was wrong with her. :]

The house is decorated for the holidays! We have two trees much to Josh's dislike.. (cough cough SCROOGE cough!) Our tree in the living room is red and silver. I made several ornaments for it and it looks beautiful! Our second tree is a Disney themed tree. I have been collecting ornaments for about 2 years now.. I don't have that many because Disney ornaments are so expensive, so I normally buy one per trip. I do have some beautiful Jim Shore ornaments given to me from my Aunt Ann, so that added a lot to my tree! One day it will be filled with different ornaments!

The week of Thanksgiving I subbed two days with the 3 year old class and on the third day I woke up very sick. It started with a stomach virus and ended with a cold haha Gotta love the sickly little babies.. So unfortunately my Thanksgiving was spent ill . "/ The sickness did not stop me from going out on Black Friday. I think I bought one thing, but nothing starts the season off better than getting out with all the crazies!

On a sad note.. December 7th I lost my best friend of 12 years, My doggy Sammy. A few months a go he had surgery to remove a hernia from his abdomen and recovered nicely from it. However, we discovered he had another hernia that was too risky to operate on at his age. :[ Sadly he's gone now, but he's in doggy heaven. The day after he went it snowed here in Dothan and I'm convinced Sammy brought it here. :] There will never be another dog like him and I'm glad I had the 12 years with him. We love you Sam!

(By the way I dont like talking about it, so please don't bring it up. Thanks.)

On a much happier note... I just got back from DISNEY WORLD!!!!!!!!!! I went with my best friend Ashlea and her daughter Madison (and the rest of her family). It was AWESOME! I've been to Disney at Christmas time a long time a go, so I had forgotten just how beautiful it really is down there! The weather was wonderful and the lines were so short! Sometimes it felt like we were the only ones in the park! It was great! Much better than the long hot lines in the summer. I do believe I will only go at Christmas time from now on... We had a lot of fun and I can't wait to go back. Of course next time I would like for Josh to join me.. haha he's a little harder to convince.. he doesn't want to go again until we have kids that are 44 inches tall so they can ride all the rides. I don't think I can live without Mickey for that long. haha Here is a picture of us at the Spectacle of Lights in Hollywood Studios..

Upon returning from Disney World I woke up the next morning at 6am with a stomach bug.. It was terrible.. I spent the whole day between the bed and the bathroom. It was pretty bad.. I did find out that Josh needs to work on his "for sickness and in health vow" haha I went to the guest bedroom so I wouldn't pass my germs to Josh and as I lie there feeling like I am dying he walks in the room (4 hours later) and asks if I want to go eat Moes or pizza. Not the most considerate thing to do I must say... lol He did manage to go get me some gatorade to keep me from dehydrating. I'm going to have to teach him how to take care of others. All day long he asked me what food I wanted no matter how much I said I didn't want food. Everytime he said something my stomach lurched... it was terrible. He stayed far away and luckily didn't catch it. I'm not sure what it was, but I know it was probably the worst stomach virus I've had. I'm pretty sure I had a fever too because I was freezing, but sweating. I think I finally broke the fever towards the end of the day. I was able to sleep through the night and woke up the next day feeling really weak, but I did manage to eat at the end of the day. Today I feel much better! I hope I stay well through Christmas and the New Year!

I can't believe it's only 5 days till Christmas! Time is flying by!!!!!! I have all my Christmas shopping done! I have to wrap a few more things and I will be ready for the holidays. We will be heading down to Mobile at some point this week. The discussion is still in the air because I want to leave on Wednesday after Josh gets off of work and Josh wants to leave Thursday after work... so we will see what happens. I basically already have all my Christmas presents.. haha I got Ugg boots from my parents and the iPhone 4 from Josh. I already received these presents because I needed them for Disney! :]

Well I didn't blogged about this before because I was told to keep it a secret, but I am pretty sure a letter has been sent out by now. I am going to be doing another interim position at Houston Academy. This time I will be in the 3P class as the aide. I start on January 3rd and it will last until April 30th. I am very excited and so happy to have a job to go to everyday during this next year. It's been very boring the past couple months of just sitting here at the house. Although I am sure the dogs have enjoyed my company, I need to get out a little bit! So please pray that since I will be there till the end of the year that a position will open up for me there.

Well I don't think there is anything else to blog about... I will try to do better with updating! I'm sure I won't post before Christmas, so to all my readers: MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM THE PRITCHARDS!!! :]