Tuesday, January 25, 2011


You may wonder why I titled this blog "Tootie", well I have a story to explain it. As you know I am working with 3 year olds and it's never boring. There is always drama, crying, yelling, snot, coughing, and the occasional bathroom accident. I was watching the kids on the playground and the other teacher I work with had gone to use the restroom. I was sitting with the kindergarten teachers when a little girl walked up. We will call her A.... A is standing there doing what I call the "potty dance" and I ask what she needs and she replies "I have to make a stinky"... Me: Ok, well go to the bathroom! A: But I have to make a stinky!!! Me: Ok A go to the bathroom then. A: BUT! I have to make a stinky and my mom still wipes my tootie!!! Every teacher around me busted out laughing. Laughing at her and at me because I am sure my face was priceless. I immediately think "I did not sign up for this!!!!" I can handle changing a diaper for a baby.. it's really no problem. It can make me gag every once in a while, but I can handle it. My best friends son, Grayson, is a child that I would do anything for.. I was around him from the day he was born (and I mean I was there when he took his first breath of air) so anytime I was babysitting him and something happened I was fine and it didn't gross me out. As I've been told a million times, when it's your own child it doesn't matter and Grayson is as close as it comes for now. But a 3 or she may be 4 by now child that I don't really know wants me to wipe their butt, I don't think I could handle that. Luckily my coworker walks out onto the playground just in time! We explain the situation and she says well I am so sorry but they are suppose to be able to do that for themselves when they come to school. So we sent A to the bathroom to make her stinky by herself. I'm not sure if Mrs. C checked on her or not, but that's my tootie story!

Josh made it to Orlando, however he wasn't a happy camper by the time he made it to the hotel. I was nervous about him going by himself and it turns out I was correct in feeling that way. He let the gas light come on because he thought his exit was coming up soon and he didn't want to get off and pay a toll (can we say cheap?). Well let me just say if I had been with him we never would've let the gas light come on. That's just not smart.. and you're probably thinking he ran out of gas.. well not quite. He decided he had to get off and get gas so as he was exiting he had to pay a 25 cent toll. Now I know exactly how Josh drives and he doesn't like to slow down. If he thinks a light is about to turn green he will keep that car going as if you are about to run through the light. He rolls through stop signs and I could keep going on and on.. Anyway so he is rolling through a toll booth and I know without him telling me he was not going as slow as he should have been because the next part of this story wouldn't of happened. He goes to throw a quarter into the bucket at the booth and misses the bucket, yet he goes right through the toll booth because he is traveling so fast. The alarm goes off signaling that he didn't pay the toll. So we will be receiving a fine for that in our mailbox. And it's mailed to the person who the car is registered too. I'm not even in that state and I am getting a fine! He's lucky it doesn't go on my record because I would not be a very happy person! After he gets gas he couldn't find his exit and ended up paying several tolls getting on and off the interstate. Finally he found his way.. he wasn't too happy, but at least he made it there safely.

I got an exercise bike on Sunday. Josh's company pays up to $200 for health stuff, so his fiscal year is ending in March and we decided to take advantage of his benefits. As you know I name all my stuff, so her name is Jillian as in Jillian Michaels. I worked out Sunday and Monday and yesterday I could barely pedal when the resistance went up... My legs and knees were hurting! I'm thinking today I may only be able to do zumba and then ride Jillian on a light workout. I've gotta take it slow at first! Now I made a comment about being cheap when I was talking about the toll booth.. and now I have another example of that. Jillian is iPod compatible and also has a fan that is run by batteries. Well as I was doing my workout on Sunday I plugged in my iPod and Josh starts complaining about using the batteries and I said I won't use it a lot, but he was watching football and that wasn't inspiring me to pedal, so I wanted to listen to something to motivate me. So he goes back to little drawer of cables and chargers, etc... And plugs in this charger to my bike.. it makes the iPod turn off.. so of course he has to try and figure it out .. I finish my workout and he starts plugging things in and yady ya... I'm not paying him any attention and then he says I think I broke it. "What!? How did you do that!!" He plugged in the charger and it started smoking and after that happened the iPod wouldn't work at all. I seriously had the bike 2 hours and he already broke it. He has this tendency to break anything that I get that's new. Needless to say I wasn't too happy and he said he wasn't going to take the bike apart and take it back because it was too much work. Finally he decides he can't fix it and calls Walmart and works out a deal with them. He took the part he broke back and they let him get a new one, but he had to go through the box and then put it back the right way. He also had to go to the southside Walmart which is like 20 minutes from us. So he probably spent more money driving around than a pack of batteries would have cost us. The reason he broke the iPod connection is because he plugged in 12 volts with that charger when it could only handle 6! Way to go Josh! lol All because he didn't want to have to worry about buying more batteries. Luckily it's fixed and works just great!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

6 months...

In just a few short days we will be married for 6 months! Although it feels like its been years at the same time I can't believe 6 months a go I was preparing for the best day of my life! I also can't believe I have been living in Dothan for 6 months now. I know the next 6 months will go by just as quickly and we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary before we know it!

Last weekend we had Josh's parents and grandparents stay with us. We had a lot of fun visiting and we also went to the aviation museum on Fort Rucker. Josh and his Dad installed an attic door on Saturday and we were able to move a lot of the clutter up there and free up space in our garage and 3rd bedroom. We had a lot of fun and were glad they were able to visit. It was a great birthday weekend for Josh!

Last weekend I also had to take care of our classroom pets. Two incredibly cute hamsters. They were easy to care for as they do nothing, but sleep. The kids named them Reesie and Teddy. You can't tell them apart though, so whichever you pick up becomes whatever name they call it.

Recently I tried the art of couponing.. It didn't work out for me too well. I know that the hard core couponers can reduce their grocery bill basically in half. I think I ended up saving us about $5 maybe.. This couponing is becoming so popular that they even offer classes on it and have a tv show about it. I don't think I am that dedicated to do something like that.. I watched a few youtube videos and joined a website, but later I discovered that Dothan does not get all the coupon books in the Sunday paper, so the concept that the website taught me didn't really work. It was a nice try anyway.

I have to share a funny story dealing with my little 3Pers. Ever since I began working around kids in school they have always had troubled pronouncing my last name. The 1st graders & 5th graders said "Miss Calbert, Miss Cowart, Miss Calmart, etc" Finally my 5th graders began calling me Miss C. When I became Mrs. Pritchard the name sounded like "Mrs. Richard, Mrs. Pritchitt, Mrs. Pwichid, etc" However, I have two new favorite names. One of my sweet students was calling me "Mrs. Creatured". How funny is that? The next name comes from one of my daycare students.. my daycare students call me Mrs. Amber because typically Amber is much easier to say than Pritchard. The other day a sweet 3 year old grabbed her Moms hand when she was getting picked up and brought her to me and said this is "Miss Ambergur" and when her mom said Mrs. Amber? She said No! Ambergur! Gotta love kids. They're always funny!

Josh has been busy with his class. Every night he spends about 2 hours reading his material and taking practice quizzes. I don't really like it because I basically spend zero time with him, but I realize in the end this will be good. We eat supper together and then he goes to the back bedroom to start his work and I don't see him again until we are getting in bed. I'm ready for March to get here so he will be done with the class for a little bit!

Josh is leaving on Monday to go to Orlando for a business conference. Tonight at dinner I asked him what he was going to be doing at the conference and he said " I don't know.." So I said well where are the meetings.. "I'm not sure" What time do you have to be there? "umm I don't know" About this time I'm feeling this tingle in my spine where I want to reach across the table and strangle him! He is leaving for 4 days and he has no idea what he is doing!!! On top of that he is driving down there by himself and going to the conference by himself! I can feel the anxiety already! I don't like that he will be driving that long by himself. Later he admitted there was an email he forgot to print out at work on Friday that gave him all the details about the conference. What will I do with him?? Keep him in your prayers for a safe trip there and back.

Today we cleaned out our 3rd bedroom. That room was a storage room for all the stuff that needed to be in the attic, but now we have put it all away and straightened it up. It looks so much better. I don't think we will be painting it for a while though.. next project: paint bathrooms!

Tomorrow we decided that we are going to eat breakfast at Cracker Barrel before church. We went there tonight to eat and we couldn't decide between breakfast or dinner, so we decided we would go back tomorrow before church. The breakfast prices are really reasonable and it will be a nice treat. I'm normally not a breakfast person, but the biscuits and gravy sounded too good to be passed up! :]

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's 1/11/11

I started my job last week and I am enjoying it a lot! The three year olds are super cute and always make me smile! They're so dramatic that it's entertaining. There is a particular boy who is just downright theatrical. I can not even describe the way he acts, but it is hilarious. Of course there is a lot more crying, snot, and germs than older kids, but they're cute so it makes up for it! Hopefully I can avoid any major sicknesses being around them..
Today was an exciting day.. by 8:30a.m. I was on my way home to change clothes. You're probably thinking a kid threw up on me.. or something along those lines. What actually happened was we were painting with balloons. Sounds dangerous, right? Well I think so anyway. I'm not a fan of balloons because I don't like to blow them up and because they pop. But I do as I am told and I was told to help the kids paint a snowman with three different size balloons. The kids of course think it's great to paint with balloons.. what three year old wouldn't? As I was getting a child ready to paint I dipped the largest balloon in the paint tray.. the last thing I remember is starting to rub the balloon in the paint when... POP! Yes, the balloon popped. Yes, the balloon with paint all over it popped. The paint went all over me from my top to my shoes... It also went all over Mrs. Creel.. all over the cabinets.. all over the table.. everywhere. The balloon pieces landed in the far corner of the classroom. Can we say disaster? Yes, I think we can. After the initial shock wore off.. Mrs. Creel and I could only laugh at what happened. I rushed to try and get the paint off my clothes as I was wearing a rather expensive pair of pants. Thankfully, the kids had music at 8:30, so Mrs. Creel let me leave to go home and wash my clothes. Which I was very thankful for because I did not feel like walking around with white spots all over my black pants all day long. That would be pretty embarrassing. Needless to say the whole preschool hall heard about our adventure by lunch time. haha I've been banned from the balloon painting, which is fine by me!

Josh begins his class tomorrow. Right now he is locked up in the back bedroom reading the first chapter. He's been back there a while and I'm starting to wonder if I should go back there and make sure he's awake because we all know he doesn't read for long! ;] I could tell he was starting to stress out a little tonight, so I tried to help him look over everything to make sure he is prepared for tomorrow. Luckily I did that because we discovered he needs a microphone for his class. So he will be either borrowing one from somewhere or we will be buying one before he signs on to his class tomorrow. He will be done with the class towards the end of March. Keep him in your prayers as the class stats he needs to dedicate 8-12 hours a week to the class. So he will have that plus a 40 hour work week! It will be hard, but I know he can do it!

It's been very cold in Dothan lately. Yesterday HA canceled school because there was going to be black ice on the roads. It's that kind of cold where it's like a wet cold. Pretty sure my pineapple plant has died.. I'm trying to hold onto it, but I don't know if it will make it. My mums are definitely gone, but hopefully they will come back in the spring. One thing that's not having any problems thriving is the weeds. They're taking over the yard and the flower bed. But it's just too cold to go out and pull them up in the flower garden and I'm going to let Josh handle the yard.

This Friday is Josh's birthday! (Happy Birthday Josh!) His parents and grandparents will be coming up for the weekend. Josh and his Dad will be installing an attic door! Yay! Finally we can clear out the 3rd bedroom and turn it into an office! I get a whole desk for my cricut! So exciting! Our weekend will be busy and we are looking forward to it!

Oh and Josh and I made a list of goals for 2011. We wrote them on a dry erase board and put it on the fridge so that we constantly see them. I think everyone should start the year off with making a goals list. If you write it down it will make you want to accomplish the tasks more. It may just be my type A personality though. I love making lists and I love organization! And I also love planning things out!

I think it's time to go check on Josh...