Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Nothing Much...

I really don't have much to blog about.. however I will share our nightmare dinner story from tonight. I planned to make chicken and yellow rice. (One of Josh's favorites) I started the rice to let it simmer and started preparing everything else. Everything seemed to be going great, the kitchen timer went off and I went to stir the rice. And what do you know.. it's burned on the sides. Ughhh! I was so busy trying to get everything done I didn't notice that it was being overcooked. I even added extra water and it still was overdone. It says to let it simmer 20 minutes, but they are wrong! That rice was soooo nasty. We tried to eat it, but it was crunchy and gross. Lesson learned: Add even more water and check the rice around the 15 minute mark!

This past weekend we went home to Mobile. It was good to be back even though it rained the entire time we were there. (And not a drop in Dothan) It was nice to spend some time with family and friends. I also got my hair chopped off and I love it. It was time for that long mane to go. Everyone at work likes it too. They say I look older.. I guess instead of looking 12, I now look 16. ;]

We are in the process of putting down flooring in our bedroom. (Thank you Da and Grandpa!) So it's a disaster zone in there. Hopefully after tonight Josh will be halfway done. It's hard for him because he's having to move furniture basically by himself because I have no arm strength to help him! I can't wait for it to be done so hopefully my allergies will be better! I know that carpet has to be disgusting after the previous owners had cats and now with Delta shedding so bad. We moved one piece of furniture and her hair was just stacked under it. :-P Sick. I know I've already said once I would upload pictures, but maybe after we get the house back to order and the flooring down I will add some!

This weekend we will be headed to Tuscaloosa for the first football game of the 2010 season! Roll Tide Roll!! We can't wait! Football season is our favorite time of year! We love our Alabama football!

Ok, I think I am going to make a trip to Arbys because we need something for dinner! ha And Josh is wanting my help with the floor! I'll post later when I have more to blog about! Peace, love, and roll tide!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Oh Life...

I finished up my boring week on Friday and headed to the airport to get Josh at 1pm. I walked into the airport and about 200 army men were scattered around the airport... it was a bit overwhelming.. I felt like an outsider because these boys were everywhere! I hate going places by myself and I hate standing around by myself.. and that is exactly what I was having to do.. finally they were called to formation outside and I was left to stand by myself alone. Josh came off the plane looking like a long haired hippie.. He hasn't had a haircut in a month.. it's not pretty. I met all of his bosses and we were outta there! I found out later all those army guys had just come back from Iraq. Pretty cool.

Our weekend was pretty boring... We bought a few things for the house and went to the base to check out the lake. We will definitely be hitting that up soon! It's extremely nice and the closes thing we have to water here. It's just so hot you don't even want to go outside. One negative thing about this weekend... Josh "ruined" my brand new expensive comforter. I decided on Saturday I finally wanted to put it on the bed.. so I ironed the bed-skirt and we changed it all up. Josh decided the bedspread was "too itchy" for him... (he's just being high maintenance) So after church, I go change and come out and Josh has stripped the comforter and put it in the wash. The comforter is dry clean only......... needless to say. It got caught up in the machine and ripped up on one corner. It has holes cut up on one side and the cording is ripped up. I was not happy. Literally ONE day and it was messed up. Luckily it's not completely ruined... but still. One positive thing about this weekend was Josh did all the laundry!!!!!!! It was soooooo nice to not have to deal with it. He did it all..wash, dry, and fold. Bless him. It's the small things that mean so much.

We visited Ridgecrest Baptist on Sunday. It was a nice church.. I am not sure if it's for us though. We are going to visit Harvest Church the next Sunday we are home. I do believe we are coming to Mobile this weekend. And I am super excited about that!

This morning I woke up earlier than I had to so that I could put a pork roast in the crock pot. I followed a new recipe that sounded really good. I came home after work and everything smelled good.. I went about my daily business and around 4pm I decided to check the roast. It was BURNT. Ohhhhhh I was not happy. The sauce was burned to the pot and the roast was basically black. The recipe said for it to cook 8-10 hours on low and that's what I did. I tried to salvage it... there was no saving it. It was tasteless. So that was my first disaster meal. We went to Arby's instead. Better luck next time.. except I won't be trying that recipe again. Oh and Josh was kind enough to wash the crock pot.. he had to chisel the burnt sauce out of it.. literally. It was hard like charcoal.

I bought Delta a new food bowl yesterday. I found it at TJ Maxx (love that place) and it supposedly helps slow down fast eaters. Well it definitely does that. It has a spiral in the middle of it that keeps her from being able to inhale the food. It really makes her frustrated. So I am not sure if she got all worked up from not being able to inhale her food or if it's because we put her on a new food, but about 10 minutes after eating, she threw it all up. And I mean ALL of it. I think she was going to burp and it just come all up because she wasn't acting sickly. Thankfully she puked at 4:57 and Josh came through the door at 5:00. So he got to clean up the huge pile. I just can't handle that. We gave her another scoop later since she lost her meal.. and she's been fine. I am not sure what caused it, but we are gonna keep using that bowl because I'd rather her be frustrated about not eating fast than causing some stomach problem in the future.

That's pretty much the extent of our weekend... It's back to another work week for us!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Another day...

Well I started my new job on Monday! I am enjoying it so far. It's definitely not what I want to do for the rest of my life, but at least I am in a classroom! This school is a whole different breed from what I am use too. These kids are extremely privileged... the tuition is around $9,000 if that gives you an idea of their lifestyles. I am enjoying getting to know people and the kids. You can tell this is a small school and a small town though because EVERYONE knows I am the new girl that is Mrs. Coleman's aide. But I am enjoying the job! Right now I don't believe anyone really knows my last name.. I was introduced at first as Amber Pritchard, but at the parent's meeting I was introduced as Amber Calvert. So it kinda threw me for a loop and of course I didn't say anything because it was awkward in front of a large group. Yesterday I was introduced as Mrs. Calvert to the kids and other teachers. It got to the point when people introduced themselves to me I just said "I'm Amber" lol Today I was being introduced to another lady and she goes "Amber Calvert? I thought it was Amber Pritchard?" Finally!! Someone saved me! I explained that my married name is Pritchard, but I haven't made all the changes to legally be Pritchard YET. So Mrs. Coleman reintroduced me to the kids as Mrs. Pritchard. It didn't matter to them because they didn't even remember I was Mrs. Calvert yet. haha I had explained to my teacher previously that my married name was Pritchard, but she just kept calling me Calvert. Now she has switched to Amber. So this is my name drama.. haha Who knows what I'll end up being called...

The past 3 days have been horribly boring without Josh! I am so glad I have that job to get me out of the house for a little while... Friday can't come soon enough. Of course the days are dragging on though... I can't believe it's only Tuesday. It's just too much sitting here all afternoon and night by myself! I am glad I at least have Jackson and Delta. Today I got to go to zumba with some of the teachers. I am so glad I have a place to zumba again! I have missed it!! Now I can get back in shape.. I have been eating so much junk because I have been so bored. And I am not exaggerating.. I've been eating lots of chips, candy, and pickles. :-P Needless to say my insides have been hurting again.. I know I shouldn't eat pickles, but I really can't help myself. I never should have bought that bag of sour candy.. It just encourages me to eat it all since Josh doesn't even like candy, let alone sour candy!

Since I have been eating so unhealthy I made a salad for lunch today and thawed out some fish to grill. I grilled the fish for dinner and sat down to eat.. the fish was disgusting!! I guess it was bad or I'm not sure. I have grilled the fish many times and it's always been delicious.. but tonight it was nasty. So I threw it out in case it was bad and my supper ended up being french fries.... So much for a healthy dinner. I guess I'll try to heat up something or eat cereal later. I am so ready for Josh to be back so I can cook meals again! I have all kinds of meats in the freezer waiting to be cooked!

Today I have encountered two different bugs. One being a small roach, two being a scary looking spider. I walked out of my back door unto the porch and out of the corner of my eye spied an object. The object being a roach. Needless to say I did my little freak out scream and ran to get the fly swatter. Well.. our fly swatter sucks for a lack of a better word. I hit that bug and it did nothing!!! So I kept hitting it and finally it fell off the screen... and I don't know where it went. I wasn't too happy. Next, I am cooking that nasty fish and I look up and on the back door is a spider. Now it was not a huge spider but it wasn't small either and it was really scary looking! It looked poisonous.. So I ran to get a shoe (one of Josh's of course ha) and then I opened up the door and I just couldn't do it.. It was so scary I just knew it was gonna jump off the door and eat me. So I ran back in the house to get the bug spray... I figured I could spray it and start it's slow torturous death and then smash it with the shoe... In the time it took to run to the cabinet Delta managed to scare it away. I was not happy. I finally found it near the corner of the door and window and opened the door and it disappeared AGAIN!!!!!! I never could find it.. so I am scared to go near the back door! I sprayed the outside with bug spray and I hope it kills that dang spider and roach. Ugh SOOO nasty!!! I hate bugs!!!

Ok a new television show is coming on in a minute so I am going to go watch that.. gotta pass the time somehow!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

I. Hate. Ironing.

Well I have found a new household chore that I do not enjoy; Ironing. I just ironed all my dress pants and by the time I finished, I had decided I was never going to wear them just so I wouldn't have to iron them again. Trying to fold them the right way and then you turn it over and there are ironed in wrinkles.. not fun. And on top of the wrinkles that just don't want to go away... you have to stand there (hunched over for me bc I am tall) and get all hot! I remember when I was younger I actually liked ironing and would iron all of my Dad's shirts. Why does the love for chores leave you as you get older??? I am so glad all of Josh's dress shirts are wrinkle free... I would not be a happy wife if I had to iron every week.

Well good news, I got that job I blogged about last post! I met the teacher I'll be working with and she is really nice! I think I will really enjoy working with her. All the teachers in the preschool building are really nice as well as the aides. I think it will be a great experience. I also interviewed at a public elementary school, so I should know by Tuesday if I got that job or not. It's a third grade position. It would be nice to have my own classroom, but I wish I could've had the chance to prepare my own classroom.. so I'll be ok if I don't get the job since I have the Houston Academy job. Whatever God wants will happen, so I am just waiting for Tuesday to go by so I can know what's going on. Tomorrow is my first day at HA. I am excited to meet the kids. They'll be so little. Totally different from my fifth graders.

This weekend my parents came up for a visit and to pick up Sam. They brought up a lot of my stuff and I filled up my huge closet and the spare bedroom closet with clothes. Kinda ridiculous I know, but I love clothes! They also brought the rest of my curtains for my living room. It look so much better now! And my Mom ironed my curtains.. Thank God I didn't have to do that plus the pants! ugh! No thanks. My Dad fixed my internet or rather the router. I could not even use my macbook because the internet was so slow or would not even connect. I am so glad I can use my mac again! Jackson and I were sad to see Sammy leave, but three dogs is a lot to care for and share a bed with. I'll miss having my Sammy around, but I know my parents and Jake will enjoy having him at home. I can't imagine being in a house without a dog! It would be so boring. After they left, Sarah and Will stopped by for a little bit. Sarah is Josh's coworker and her husband is here for R&R from Iraq. It was nice to have some visitors in our house Saturday! Today, I took Josh to the airport to leave for Chicago. Something new I found out about Dothan.. we have an airport! lol Josh left around 9 and will be in Chicago for work till Friday. It's going to be so boring and lonely without him here. Thank God I have Jackson and Delta.

I guess I'll post later about how my job is going.. I need to get stuff ready for in the morning. I have to start getting up early again. Yippee.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cold Medicine

I am not sure if it just me, but I HATE taking cold medicine. If it's in a pill, it doesn't bother me... But if it's in liquid form.. ugh it makes me quiver to even think of the taste. :-P The reason I am talking about cold medicine is because we've been sick for about 2 weeks. It's no fun! We both have horrible coughs that wake us up at night and sore throats. I thought my throat was getting better, but the past two days it's been really bad. Maybe one day we will get better.. It's no fun being sick. Especially when you have to swallow that nasty nasty cold medicine. Ick.

Well I have good news to share! Today I received a call from Houston Academy, an extremely nice private school here in Dothan. They have an interim position open for an aide in kindergarten. I would be taking the place of the teacher's aide for 8 weeks while she is on maternity leave. It's not my own classroom, but it gives me the opportunity to get into a classroom and that's what I want. I think it will basically be like what I did during candidacy at South Alabama. Except I won't have to worry with homework and assignments. :] I will just be there to help the teacher with whatever she needs. The kindergarten program at this school is only from 8-12 so that's really nice as well. I interview with the headmaster Thursday at 2pm. Prayers are appreciated. :]

This weekend was kind of boring. Josh was really sick on Friday and went to bed at 6:30pm. Saturday we went to Target, TJ Maxx, Walmart and Bed Bath and Beyond and got a lot of things for our house. I think we basically have everything we need besides paint and pictures on the wall. It's slowly getting there. Sunday we drove around town to check out churches. You may think that's weird, but we wanted to get the vibe.. check out what people were wearing and if it was a small or large church. We found two churches we want to try next Sunday, Ridgecrest Baptist Church and Harvest Church. They are both larger churches and that is what we are comfortable with so we will try one next week.

I am about to have a black lab for sale, but shhh don't tell Josh. ;] I am kidding! I could never give up my Delta. But I could shave her bald... I swear I have no idea how her hair gets in the places it does... But yesterday I had to dry mop my house twice with my larger mop and then again with my swifter. And it was STILL picking up hair! That is just ridiculous!! That amount of hair was just from the two day weekend... I have vowed to swifter everyday now.

I guess nothing else has really happened in our life for right now. I will post later and let everyone know about the job!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Finally Friday

Yesterday, I was able to meet Josh and his co-worker, Sarah, for lunch. We went to Goldfingers, which is a really good restaurent that has the most random menu. You can get anything from pizza to chicken to hamburgers to corn nuggets to a grilled cheese. It was nice to get out of the house and socialize. I spent the morning writing thank you notes. Which by the way, I already have a blister. Every time I think I am close to being done, I find another list.

For supper last night we had tacos. I made beef and chicken tacos... I only made chicken tacos because we have SO much chicken that needs to be used before it goes bad. Tonight we are going to have chicken quesadillas because of that fact. We are also going to use our new ice cream maker.. I am pretty excited about that! In fact, I was going to cheat and go ahead and make it while Josh is at work..... However, We didn't have any sugar. So that was a fail. lol I need to figure out a menu for next week because it's time to go back to the store. The week kinda flew by.. it was boring at times, but it still seemed to go by fast. Back to last night, after dinner we decided to go to the mall and look around. Good news! The mall is super nice!! Now, for all you Mobilians... we know it's not hard for a mall to be better than mobile's mall.. but the Wiregrass Commons is sooooo much better! We walked around the whole mall, but really only looked at Kirklands. It's funny how I am now only concerned about things for the house.. instead of clothes for me. I found a beautiful table, mirror, and sconce set I want SO SO bad for the foyer. It would look amazing and it was on sale. I hope we get it.. It's beautiful. After the mall, we went to Target to return some things. We also bought a few things. Once we get the house in order I will take some pictures to post on here. Anywho... back at home the kitchen still needed to be cleaned up. I asked Josh to take care of the oil from making the taco shells. Well.. he ended up splashing it all over the floor and his pants. We both just stood there... and then the questioning began.. what cuts oil!? We didn't know. Josh just sprayed the kitchen cleaner on the floor and walked off to take care of his shorts. What I didn't know was that he didn't wipe the cleaner up....... so as I finish washing dishes I turn to walk and slip on the oil/kitchen cleaner.. luckily my hands caught the counter before my face did.................... So there is our first little mishap. lol

Well it is finally Friday and I am not too sure about our plans for this weekend. We talked about going to Panama City or the water park here in Dothan. It depends on the weather. We have been having a lot of showers the past few days. And one is approaching now... I also want to see Charlie St. Cloud, but when I looked at the theater here it didn't show it being played... "/ So we will see. We also need to do some stuff around the house. I am so ready to start painting! My kitchen and bathrooms will be first on the list. Ok, I really need to do some stuff around the house. Peace out :]

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Tuesday the Third of August

What's new in our lives? Well we are both sick. I have a horrible cough that wakes me (and Josh) up in the middle of the night. Josh has a cold.. it's kinda of a weird cold. He has a cough, sore throat, and his eye is sick. Now, you may say "his eye is sick?? What!?" This is a term I use when the eye is swollen, red, itchy, closes shut in the morning, and constantly has junk in the corner. And Josh has all of the above and I really hope he doesn't share it with me. Tomorrow I will be going to the store for some cough syrup and eye drops. We don't really have any congestion.. it's weird. Hopefully it will pass soon. It's no fun being sick. I'd like to sleep through the night without coughing my lungs out and I am sure Josh would like to sleep through the night without having to ask if I am okay every night! ;]

Yesterday I made fish tacos. I thought they were really good. Josh, not so much. I just love fish so that may be why. Today I cooked a pork roast all day in my crock pot. It was good, but we had a lot of leftovers. Note to self: buy a smaller roast next time. Tomorrow we are going to have grilled chicken. I am enjoying cooking. I don't enjoy the clean up process, but it's fun cooking it all.

Today I grilled a piece of tilapia for lunch. It was sooooo good. However, I burned the fire out of my hand. I used my new George Foreman grill and I didn't realize there was a hot plate on the front of the grill, so I went to move it and burned myself. I have a scar about 2 inches long on my thumb. "/ Note to self: Just don't touch hot objects.

Nothing too interesting has happened. I finally got the living room and kitchen cleaned up. I put all my clothes, shoes, and purses away. Tomorrow I have to take our marriage license downtown. I need to clean our room and the bathrooms. Lots to do and it's late, so I will say goodnight! :]

Sunday, August 1, 2010

I. Hate. Laundry.

Hello There!
I have decided to start a blog in order to keep everyone up to date on mine and Josh's new life together. Since we moved away from our friends and family, I believe the easiest way for everyone to stay up to date is through this blog. I think it will turn into a funny "book" about our lives.

Now, to address the title.. I hate laundry. Let me explain.. we just returned from a week long vacation.. and I (of course) over packed.. therefore resulting in many loads of laundry. The reason I believe laundry is annoying is because of the time it takes!! You have to wait for the clothes to wash and then for them to dry.. if you don't get to the dryer while the clothes are still hot than they wrinkle.. resulting in waiting again for them to get hot enough to fold. My patience just does not enjoy spending my day waiting for clothes.. and on top of everything I am now responsible for washing Josh's clothes. Yay for the married life! ;] Now, please let me warn you.. I am very very sarcastic. Therefore, most of the time the things I write about will be in a sarcastic tone. Do I really "hate" laundry? No, of course not. This whole section of my blog is written in sarcasm. Do I enjoy laundry? No way! I really would rather do something else during the day, but I realize it is something that has to be done.

I moved the majority of my belongings to our house today. Which means our house is a disaster zone. There is stuff everywhere.. and the clutter is eating at my nerves! I am ready to wake up tomorrow and get it all organized! I just can't even think about where everything needs to go and all the new stuff that needs to be washed and put away.

I do believe we may already be the "old married couple". Josh went to bed at 7pm. It's been quite boring.. but kind of nice to have some quiet time. I am use to having my own personal space.. after a week I was dying for some alone time. I realize I have a lot to get use to with this marriage. I love him to death, but sometimes you just need "me time". I am cuddled up in bed with Jackson, Delta, and Sammy. Josh fell asleep on the couch and I am about to go wake him up to get in bed, but I just don't know where he will fit! haha I wish I had a picture. Jackson is right by my side, Delta is stretched across Josh's side, and Sam is stretched across the foot of the bed. It's cute. :]

Tomorrow I am going to attempt to cook fish tacos... new recipe courtesy of Sarah Conners. I'll let you know how that goes.. for now I am going to say goodnight. :]