Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fall is here!

Well, it has been a couple weeks since I posted last because we have been busy! Josh's parents and grandparents came up here two weekends a go and then that Monday Josh had his tonsils removed. It's almost been 2 weeks and he is just now able to go through the day without pain medicine. It was a rough surgery and he did not enjoy having to eat only soft foods. But, he's better now and will have a check up on October 4th. One huge life lesson we learned was insurance pays for nothing. We thought his surgery was one price, but it turns out it is more. My philosophy is that there is nothing we can do now so we move on. Life lesson number 738947298: Check into prices no matter what the hospital says because insurance pays nothing! Josh's grandparents stayed with us till last Wednesday and helped out a lot. I also learned how to make chicken and dumplings, but I am a little scared to try the recipe out by myself... I know they will never be as good as Da's so it is a little intimidating! ;]

After Da and Grandpa left I had a day to get the house ready again for more company! Ashlea and Madison stayed with us Friday - Sunday and it was great to have them! That was the first time for a friend to come up and it was wonderful! It was nice to have a girl friend around to go shopping with at the stores Josh will not go into! ha!

This weekend we were suppose to go to Mobile, however plans changed and now my parents are coming up here. So we will have another busy weekend, but we enjoy it! Hopefully we will be coming into town for my birthday weekend.

House improvements: We added a ceiling fan to our back patio thanks to Josh's parents! Mrs. Bev provided the funds for the fan and Mr. Mike helped Josh install it. We really enjoyed having it, but of course a week later the weather has changed and it's cooler outside. haha Go figure! I still prefer the ceiling fan over the hanging lights that were originally out there.

As I said the weather has changed and Fall is here!!! I love fall.. it's my favorite time of the year. Football, my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, huntin camp trips, and then Christmas follows quickly. The weather is just wonderful and last night we turned the air way up and opened the windows. We slept that way and it was great. It actually got pretty cold in there and I remember snuggling up under the covers and beside Delta quite a few times. This weather inspires me to get outside and walk, so when I got home from zumba today, I took Jackson and Delta on a walk. Next week, it shows even cooler temps, which really excites me! I am tired of the hot weather and I hope this cool weather is here to stay!

A sad story.. last post I blogged about my beautiful mums... Well those dumb mums decided they didn't want to live anymore. I watered them everyday and they still died one by one. Apparently they couldn't survive the heat, but if they would have just sucked it up a week longer the temperature went down! It makes me mad because I loved the color in my yard and now there's nothing again! And if I try to get new flowers, Josh will just say they will die. Ugh >:[ Stupid mums!!!

I only have one more week left at my job. :[ It went by really fast and I am really going to miss working with the teachers. At first, I didn't think I would enjoy it, but I really do like it there and I will miss it. I'll miss those kids too. I pray I can get some kind of job there.. and I really need substitute jobs because I can't just sit around the house all day. I would go crazy! So please pray that either I can get another job at HA or that I find lots of subbing jobs!

Ok I need to get supper started! We are having tacos tonight! :]

Monday, September 13, 2010

A little update..

We have been busy busy in our daily lives! I believe the last time I blogged was labor day weekend. Since then Josh framed out our bathroom mirrors and they look amazing!!! It made the bathrooms look so much better! Now we just have to change the paint and I will be happy! Yesterday, we painted our entire kitchen in one day. We are pretty proud of ourselves.. we started around noon prepping the kitchen by removing everything and taping off our baseboards, crown molding, and windows. I painted the entire kitchen with two coats of paint and it looks SOOOO good! We just did a tan color to match with the living room and it looks fabulous. Josh finished caulking, while I painted, so the floor is completely done I believe and it looks great.

Last weekend I planted yellow mums in my front garden. I can't remember if I told y'all that, but they are blooming and look great! The color really looks good and more homey! The only problem is it seems to have brought a lot of wasps into our yard.. Josh went out there yesterday and sprayed them, but it didn't really help because they're so many of them. On the bright side, the flowers have also brought in butterflies. I am having a problem with one of the mums though. All of them are doing really well, growing and blooming, except one. It seems to be having some problems and I am hoping it will not die because that will throw off my symmetrical groove. When the sun starts going down I will go out there and try to help it because hopefully the wasps will be gone.

Saturday we watched the Alabama game at Justin and Callean's house in Ozark. (Justin and Josh work together.) They have two little girls named Renae and Allie and they're really cute! Alabama played an awesome game and it was a great win! Our Saturday was dedicated to college football. ;]

Friday, we received our roomba. What is a roomba you may ask? A roomba is a robotic vacuum. You press a button and it goes around your house and vacuums. It's awesome!! We named her Rhonda the roomba. Rhonda was totally worth it because she does a great job. We can schedule her to run at any time and she will start herself. Last night we went to eat at Moe's and turned her on and left. We came back to a vacuumed kitchen, living room, and she was finishing up our bedroom. Rhonda was a wonderful investment and I would definitely recommend the product. They have more expensive ones that will do an entire house, but we didn't feel that was necessary. She vacuums our main rooms so Rhonda is perfect for us.

Also on Friday I noticed some hummingbirds flying around the feeder the previous owners left behind. I have been asking Josh for months to get the feeder down so I could change the nectar. Well he still hadn't by Friday, so I took it upon myself and got the job done. Who needs men? ha ;] I got the ladder out and got the feeder down. I filled it up with fresh nectar and we enjoyed hummingbirds all weekend. We have two pretty consistent feeders. They fight with each other constantly, so you see the birds flying back and worth by our window.

We tried a new place called Nip and Ernies. It is about 2 minutes from our house and it was delicious!!! They're really reasonably priced and we can't wait to go again. We have planned to go on Wednesday because their special is chicken and dumplings! If you come visit us, we will probably take you there. It's really good.

Next Monday, Josh will have surgery to have his tonsils removed. Keep him in your prayers because it will be a tough recovery for him. Pray for the surgery itself, a fast recovery, and no side effects!! Thank you!

This weekend we will be hosting Josh's parents and grandparents and next weekend my best friend, Ashlea, and her daughter, Madison, will be coming to visit. We are excited to have visitors and show off our house. Next thing you know September will be over... time sure does fly!

Well I need to do some chores and fire Rhonda up.. I love not having to swifter. :]

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Home Projects

We finished the floor in our bedroom! It looks great! And now it's easier to clean because I can just swifter instead of getting the big vacuum out. I think Delta's hair is falling out in clumps.. It's just not normal to shed so much.. lol Her hair is already ruined my comforter.. It's suppose to be a beige color, but it's turned black from all her hair!

Here is a picture of Josh working on the floor:

Here is a picture of it finished:

We went to Lowe's today and got paint for the kitchen and cabinets. That's our next project. We will start it tomorrow and I know we can get the kitchen repainted in one day, but the cabinets will probably take a little longer. I can't wait to get the kitchen repainted! I am not a fan of the yellow! Next will be our master bathroom. Yay for home projects! They keep us busy! However, they can also be dangerous.. at least if your name is Josh Pritchard. He was carrying around the stuff that goes around you base boards.. I forgot the name.... anyways.. he had it in his mouth (Why? I'm not sure..) He says he forgot it was in his mouth and bent down to measure something. So the wood cut his throat and it was bleeding.. and if you know me, you know I have a weak stomach. So he has stuffed toilet paper down his throat to get the blood and I'm laying on the bed asking if we need to go to the ER... luckily he finally looked at his throat in the mirror and realized that it was actually a small scratch and nothing serious. Thank God! I'm not sure how he does some of the stuff he does.... but leave it to Josh! ;]

I also bought yellow mums to plant out front. They look so good! I wanted some color out there and the blooms should last through November if I am lucky! Although, I don't know if it gets colder up here sooner than Mobile.. guess I will find out. I'll add a picture of those one day.

We had a lot of fun at the Alabama game!! The new stadium is magnificent and we were happy to be apart of the first crowd to watch a game with the new edition! We played San Jose State and beat them 48-3. Roll Tide Roll! ;] It was great to be at the game, but we did not enjoy arriving home at 3am. But I guess it's worth it to see the Tide roll!

I have a job interview at a really nice public school on Tuesday. They have positions open for 1st or 2nd grade. Pray I get one of the jobs if it is God's will. If not, I guess I am just meant to be at Houston Academy for right now.

Well I've got to get supper ready.. we are having a 4 course meal tonight. ;] Gotta get the oven preheated for pizza rolls... ;] haaa