Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Prego Update

This week I am 27 weeks pregnant. Hello third trimester! Next week I'll be 7 months pregnant. 3 more months until little Bryson makes his appearance! As for now, I am growing bigger every week. I can tell. My belly has been itchy and a few times the stretching has been painful enough to feel. I had it very easy at the beginning of my pregnancy, there is no denying that. I've really had it easy all a long, except something is happening in this third trimester. The evil pregnancy symptoms are showing up. First, I had the swollen ankles/feet, which were not pretty and got to be painful. Luckily my ankles shrunk back to their normal size. Next evil prego issue: aching joints. At times it feels like I have ran 10 miles, yet I have not ran anywhere. Where my legs meet my body just aches and makes me so uncomfortable. It was pretty strong for 2 days and now it comes around the end of the day. My knees ache, my elbows ache, even my fingers hurt. I mean seriously it feels like my entire body has been tortured. I can no longer stretch my legs for fear of a charlie horse overtaking my calf muscle. Seriously, it happened in San Diego and I came straight out of bed. I've noticed myself being hungry more this week. Sadly I am craving sweet stuff. I dream of different desserts I want and talk myself out of making the majority of what I want. Today, I really wanted Oreo balls. Target didn't have the chocolate I needed to make the Oreo balls, so I decided on Smore Style Brownies. They turned out delicious. You line a pan with graham crackers, mix brownie mix up and pour it over the graham crackers, and put it the oven. When it comes out you sprinkle chocolate chips and marshmallows on top and stick it back in the oven for 5 more minutes and then you're done. Oh, they hit the spot. I'm going to have to send some to Josh's work, so I don't eat them all. I don't need all that sugar! Also the pregnancy insomnia is back. The past 3 days I have spent the majority of the night awake. I fall asleep until around 4am and then I am awake from 4 till 6-7. It's really no fun and I hope it goes away by the time school starts. I'm going to need my sleep in order to function nicely. Also during these hours (that I am trying to fall back asleep) Bryson decides to wake up and kick the crap out of my ribs. I don't understand how he can kick so hard in the middle of the night because he doesn't really kick that hard during the day. It's hard for me to get comfortable and it is really hard for me to change positions. I also get really hot and Josh and Delta do not help me out. I keep telling Josh he has to stay on his side of the bed because waking up sweating is no fun. He doesn't seem to understand that means stay as far on that side as you can. Delta likes to lay on top of me and no matter how much I push on her she won't budge. At these moments, when Josh is laying there sound asleep, able to change positions easily.. sleep through the night without aching pains or a baby kicking places that should not be kicked, it takes all my self control not to take a pillow and hit him upside the head. And that my blog readers are pregnancy hormones at their finest. Watch out for me! I'm on a no sleep sugar high.
But hey, I wouldn't change what I'm going through for anything. Bryson is worth it. Now someone remind me of that during labor. ;]

I was 26 weeks pregnant here.. I haven't taken a 27 weeks shot yet..

Monday, July 25, 2011

A Big Update

I guess I will go back a few weeks in order to bring everyone up to date on our life!

First Baby Shower
I had my first baby shower on July 9th in Florida. The shower had a great turnout and Bryson got a lot of good things. The shower turned out really cute! It was a green and brown theme with an accent of safari animals to match Bryson's room. We got to stay in Disney World for a few days, which was great! I just love being on Disney property even if I don't go into the parks. We went shopping and I got Bryson a few Disney items. :]
The decor:

Diaper cake was super cute:


San Diego
We left Disney Sunday morning at 4:00am est. Josh and I arrived in San Diego around 8:30 pst. However, by the time we made it to the hotel and got to our room it was around 10pm. It was a very long day to say the least. Throughout the week we attended Josh's GIS conference and I learned all about GIS. It's actually a lot bigger than what I thought it was and it was interesting to learn a few things. Towards the end of the week I was over sitting in the chairs though... they were not comfortable enough for me! We went to the San Diego Zoo, Horton Plaza Mall, Coronado Island, and a Padres baseball game. We had a lot of fun and did A LOT of walking. Everyday we had to walk a mile to the convention center and then a mile back to the hotel, uphill. I was tired of walking by the end of the week. I would've been fine walking that much if the mile back wasn't uphill. That was a little much for my pregnant body. The weather was great, but a little cold for the clothes I brought in the morning and evening time. Their 70 degree weather feels like our 60 degree weather because there is no humidity. It was a great place to visit, but I'll take the south any day!

San Diego Zoo:

Coronado Island:

Padres game:

Since we have returned both Josh and I have found out some good news. Josh found out that he is being promoted from GIS Technician to GIS Analyst. It's a step up in his world! He's only been with his company just over a year, so this is great news and shows how hard he works!
I also found out some good news...
I will be a 3P aide and work from 7:30 to 12ish everyday. It's a great little part time job that will keep me from having a gap in my resume and from losing my foot that was in the door. I spent the day in the classroom today helping Mrs. Creel get things together. Mrs. Creel is the same teacher I worked with January - May, so I know we will have a great time together through this school year. I'm thankful our prayers were answered and both Josh and I have jobs now. I just hope that a place will open up for Bryson at a daycare.

I've been busy working on Bryson's room. His crib and dresser are finished, now I just have to hang things on the wall and organize his closet. It's all coming together and it's very exciting!
Crib with his safari bedding:
Inside crib:

For our one year anniversary we went to church, lunch at Rodeos, our favorite mexican restaurant, and then we went to Lake Tholocco that evening for a picnic. The place I really wanted to eat at was closed, so Josh is taking me there tonight! I can't wait to have some crab claws!! The picnic was great because there was a great breeze blowing off the lake, so it wasn't hot at all. Here are a few pictures from our day.

Us before church:
At the lake:

I think this brings everyone up to date on what's been going on with us over this past month!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

1 Year

I can't believe it's already been a year since we said, I do. It still feels like its been longer than a year... I guess being together 6 years makes it seem like it's been longer than a year. If there was one day I could go back and relive it would definitely be our wedding day. It was perfect and so much fun. A lot has changed in a year... but the biggest change is the fact that I am 6 1/2 months pregnant. No one would have thought that I would be pregnant at our 1 year anniversary, but God did. :] It's only been a year and we have been blessed SO much. I can't even imagine what the next year will bring... I know it will be even more special because this time we will be sharing our lives with Bryson.

It's been a wonderful year.. I can't wait for 100 more ;]

I'll post another update soon about my shower, San Diego, Bryson's room, and some other stuff!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Today we aren't really doing anything special. Josh went to work and I am just cleaning up the house and packing in anticipation of my trips to Florida and California!

Last weekend we ran errands and hung out in the pool. I do have to share this funny story about Josh from last weekend. Most of us know that Josh is all about saving money. He doesn't care about clothes or new things unless he can get a good deal. I pretty much feel the same way about getting a good deal. I like shopping at TJ Maxx and Ross because of the deals you can find there. I received a coupon from Kohls in the mail and it gave us $5 off our purchase and an extra 15% off. Josh and I went to Kohls to see if we could find anything. We started looking in the home section because I was on the mission to find stuff for my foyer table, but they didn't have anything I really wanted. We happened to pass by the mens clothing and some polos caught Josh's eye. Now when clothes catch Josh's eyes, I do not protest. Anytime I can get him something new to wear to work, I do, because he wears the same thing over and over! (Totally against my religion! ;]) The polos happened to be on sale plus we had the coupons. I convinced him to get two polos and at the register the sales associate let him know that he saved $43 dollars. I wish I had a camera for the face he made when he heard that. It was pure astonishment. He was so proud of his shopping day. To quote him: "Now that's how you shop!"

We did find everything I wanted for my foyer table. And I managed to get everything on sale. :] And that's the way I shop.. ;]

I got the lamp at Target, bowl with deco balls from Kirklands, and the frames from Hobby Lobby. The small frame on the top is a sonogram picture of Bryson :]

On Friday, Josh took off work so that we could visit different Daycares. "/ It already breaks my heart to think about leaving Bryson at only 11 weeks, but if I get a job I will have too. I know that if I get a job, we will be able to provide for him an even better life and I want him to have everything, so I will do what I have to do! He was put on 3 waiting lists and I have to go this week and put him on another waiting list. Please pray that a spot will open up for him somewhere!
Saturday, we went to Freedom Fest on Fort Rucker. It looked like we were going to have bad weather, so we didn't get there till later and basically only got to watch the fireworks and then it was over. I did get a snowcone, but not boiled peanuts. So it was a semi successful trip! ;] A picture of us watching the fireworks!

This week I am 24 weeks pregnant. In some things I wear, I definitely look pregnant. If my shirt is baggy than you still can't tell. My lower back hurts just about every night, especially if we have done a lot of walking. I haven't really been craving much besides fruit. I don't think there is much to update on as far as the pregnancy. Not much has changed expect for my growing belly.

On Wednesday, I leave for Disney World. I am having a baby shower in Apopka (near Orlando),but we are staying on Disney property for a few days before. I can't wait to eat some Disney food and do some shopping! I have to get Bryson an ornament for my Disney tree! I will return from Florida on Sunday and immediately get on a plane and fly to San Diego to spend a week out there with Josh! I am so excited to see California! And to enjoy some weather that is not in the 100s! :]