Friday, April 29, 2011

Roll Tide

On April 27, 2011 a very dangerous and deadly tornado erupted it's terror on the city of Tuscaloosa. This town is home to mine and Josh's Saturday obsession when football season rolls around. The University of Alabama, home of the Crimson Tide, (where I spent many weekends during college) was devastated by a mile wide tornado. Please keep Tuscaloosa in your prayers as well as the entire state of Alabama as that storm devastated many towns. The places I frequented are gone. 15th street is unrecognizable. It's just a sad time for a special city.

Today is an important day as it's Prince William and Kate's wedding day. I set my DVR to record all 10 hours of coverage. I watched a little bit during my lunch break and I must say both princes were looking very handsome. I remember when I was little I had determined that I was going to marry Prince William because I wanted to be a real princess. Obviously that plan didn't work out for me, so I am just going to live vicariously through Kate when I watch the footage. A girl can dream a little. ;] I think I did alright with Josh though.. he may not be a real prince, but he's pretty cool. ;]

As far as a prego update.. My belly continues to grow each day. I am 14 weeks and I am feeling it. I haven't really been craving anything besides Mexican and what I call a "strawberry drink". Other than that there is really nothing to report on.

Josh and I don't have any official plans for this weekend. I know we will be scrubbing our back porch to get rid of any pollen, so that I can put my cushions back out there. I have to work daycare until 5:30 tonight and then I am making Josh take me out for Mexican!! I think a long day of work equals a nice meal! Have a great weekend and keep the South in your prayers!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend

We went home for Easter weekend. It was a short trip and packed full of places to go and people to see. Coming to Mobile for only 2 days (really only a day and a half) is really hard. People want to see us and our time is so split up and rushed. It's much more enjoyable when we can come for 3 days. But I am not complaining because it's still nice to come back to Mobile! On Saturday we had Madison's 4th birthday party! I can't believe she is already 4! Next thing you know she will be in kindergarten. Her birthday party was at Jumps A Lot and that was my first time there. It has a bunch of inflated jumpers and it was a lot of fun. Even some of the adults joined in on the fun!

I could only catch Madison for a picture once, so Josh missed out on the picture opp!

Saturday night we had an early Easter dinner with Josh's parents and grandparents. And on Sunday we had lunch with my family and it was back to Dothan we went. We ran into a storm as we got close to Dothan and were praying it wasn't going to be hailing! Luckily it was just rain and lightning! Tonight we are expecting severe weather that the weather station is saying can produce large hail. Please pray that the hail is not like last time! We haven't gotten a new roof yet, so I guess if it does hail it'll be ok.. but we don't need any new damage!

My job is coming to an end. I'll be done May 6th officially. It's quickly approaching!! This year has flown by and I can't believe it's almost been 5 months since I started working with the 3 year olds. Please keep me in your prayers that I will be considered for a job at HA. I really enjoy working there and would like to continue. It's very hard to find a job here in Dothan unless you know someone, so the fact that I've been able to work there basically the whole year is really good!

Josh's company is going to send him to San Diego in July and I get to go! I am so excited! I've always wanted to visit California and this will be a great opportunity!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


My biggest craving right now is pineapple.

Josh and I went to Publix yesterday (because walmart fruit is nasty) and I got a bowl of already cut pineapple. It was SO good. I ate the whole bowl. In one night. Oops. I told Josh he should let me get the big bowl, but it was $10 and we all know Mr. Thrifty locked up when I said $10.. well he made a mistake because now I am just going to have to go back and get the big bowl and he will have ended up spending more money! I forgot to go by Publix on the way home today, so I think I will go tomorrow.. Pineapple is so good. Other than my pineapple craving, I still love mexican and could probably eat it every night. My exhaustion level is not as bad as it was... thank you second trimester! I still go to bed early, but that's what helps me through the day. Oh! And I took an allergy pill last night for the first time since I confirmed the pregnancy and slept like a baby. I could breathe and I didn't have to use my humidifier. It was wonderful. I didn't have to blow my nose once today. It's funny how much the small things matter.. a simple pill can do so much for me! Josh is home! Time to eat!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Check up

Last week was Spring Break and it was great. I was able to go to Mobile on Monday and stay till Thursday. I got to spend my days with Ashlea and Madison, had an ice cream date with Shannon, and shopped every night with my Mom! It was very relaxing and much more fun than sitting up here in Dothan by myself. I was able to watch Madison's dance practice and see her recital tap dance, pick her up from school, and go to her Easter picnic. Here is a picture of me and Madison from her picnic:

Mom and I went all around town and got me some new tops and dresses that I can fit into! It's a great feeling to have clothes that fit me. You will probably see me in the same thing a lot, but oh well. haha Totally against what I would normally do, but I don't plan on keeping this weight on. I only gained 3 pounds since last month, so I feel pretty good about that. I need to gain weight obviously since I am pregnant, but that does not mean I need to gain rapidly. So hopefully the new clothes will fit into summer time..

Today we had a doctor appointment and it was very quick. We were able to hear our baby's heartbeat, which was 159. I asked the doctor a couple questions, she made sure everything was going ok and I was out the door. The only disappointment for this appointment was I found out I would not be finding out the sex on my next appointment. I will just have a normal checkup and then I will have to go back the next week. (Hopefully) My next appointment is May 16th. This will probably be the longest month! We just want to know what the gender is of our baby!!! I do want to take a poll of who thinks it's a boy and who thinks it's a girl! I also want to know predictions of birth date and weight. It's weird to think that I'll soon have a little belly.. I'm ready to look pregnant though.. and not just fat. ;]

We are going to Mobile this weekend for Easter. Josh never remembers to do anything I tell him, so he didn't ask off in time for us to be able to come on Thursday night and have a long weekend in Mobile. Of course he doesn't tell me until tonight even though I have been planning on this for over a month.

Today is a special day! That is because it is Grayson Lee's 3rd birthday!! Grayson was the little boy in my wedding for those who don't know. I was there from the day Lauren told me she was pregnant to the actual birth. I saw him take his first breath. He is an amazing little guy and I just love him! They live in Mississippi now, so I don't get to see him very often and for the first time I am missing his birthday. :[ I can't believe he is already three! Here is a picture of the first time I got to hold my sweet Grayson:

The most recent picture of me and Grayson is from the wedding... he's grown so much!

Happy Birthday Grayson!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Welcome to Wednesday..

This past weekend we spent time working in the yard. We started our day off with a trip to the snow cone place because I had been craving one for about 4 days! It was delish! In fact, I could go for a snow cone right now! We went to a couple of different places and ended our day at Lowes. We got weed and feed, grass seeds, a spreader, and tomato plants. We went up and down the aisles looking at all the flowers, trees, and indoor plants. I wanted so badly to buy some flowers for my front flower bed, but we were already going to be spending a lot, so we decided to wait. My mums were badly damaged during the hail storm, so I'm not sure if they will bloom or not. They were coming back so full and pretty and now they just look sickly. Hopefully they will come back because the front flower bed looks bad! The sago palms and bushes are so beaten up it just looks terrible. Josh spent the afternoon spreading the weed and feed out and then laying down grass seeds around our patio. It's nothing but dirt there now because of Jackson digging and then both dogs running off the patio at high speeds. I planted my 8 tomato plants, so hopefully a few will survive and produce tomatoes for Josh! It's my first time growing anything, so hopefully it will turn out. I wanted to get an okra plant because I like fried okra, but they were all sold out, so I took that as a sign and we just got the tomatoes.

Of course since we did all that to our yard it just had to storm. The storm rolled into town about 11pm on Monday night. We were awakened about 11:30pm by the high winds and rain hitting our windows. We were both concerned about the storm since last time we had such bad hail. We were up for about an hour because the storm was so bad. A lot of shingles were blown off roofs in our neighborhood, but luckily we haven't found any of ours missing. More than likely all the grass seeds were washed away since our backyard is not flat. Luckily my tomato plants seem to have survived the high winds.

Speaking of the storm, I have a cute story to share about my Delta. They say dogs always know if something is changing. I do believe Delta knows there's a baby in my belly because she is always loving on me even more than normal. Monday night confirmed my belief that she knows something is different about me. When the storm woke us up, I, of course, had to use the bathroom. The lightning was nonstop just lighting up the room. I went into the bathroom and then hear Delta jump off the bed. She walks into the bathroom and stands there waiting on me. We walk back and get back in bed and she gets right up against me sitting down and leans her weight against my tummy. I tell her that it's ok lay down and she curls up right against me. Of course Josh says "don't be babying her, she's going to be scared of storms!" I told him he was sadly mistaken, she was watching out for me and her baby brother/sister. She's so sweet! I know she will be a sweet big sister! Jackson on the other hand is going to have some trouble dealing with not being the little baby anymore! haha :]

A picture of me and my babies at the huntin camp:

A moment to brag on Josh: He finished his first graduate class with an A! YAY Josh! He worked really hard and earned that A! His next class begins this month. He will be trying to continue his 4.0 in his next class!

As far as a pregnancy update goes: I am 11 weeks now and everyday I feel like my clothes get a little tighter. Someone needs to explain to Josh that I need some new shirts because nothing fits. All of my shirts are a size small and that's just not working for me anymore! I only have 3 t-shirts that still fit out of the 2 drawers full of t-shirts that I own. Of course in Josh's eyes that's plenty! ha! Sadly the Target here in Dothan has basically nothing to choose from in the maternity department. So next time I am in Mobile, I am going to have to head up to Super Target. I am still pretty tired throughout the day. I had a terrible headache on Monday and just came home from work and laid on the couch the whole day. As far as cravings, this week I have been eating green grapes non stop. We got some fruit from the farmers market and Publix on Saturday and since then I have had fruit with my lunch each day. It's been delicious! I'm already out of apples and cantaloupe, but I still have some grapes and strawberries. I'm just glad I am craving something healthy and not candy! I could also eat mexican every day. In fact we went to the place down the road that just opened up 3 times last week. It's not expensive at all, so it's a cheap meal that is so so good!