Saturday, April 7, 2012

Changing it Up

Alright y'all, I am done with blogger. It's too much trouble having to log in to my computer in the only spare time I have to get anything done around the house. I also can't stand how I can only upload photos from my computer when 97% of the pictures I take are on my phone. In order to post any pictures I have to upload them to the computer and then blogger takes 10 minutes just to upload one! I use my phone nonstop and unfortunately bloggers mobile ability is just not up to my technology standards. So I am switching to Tumblr. Ha I bet some of y'all were getting upset with me, but never fear I have set up another blog like page that is so much better than blogger in my opinion. Tumblr will allow me to upload photos and videos straight from my phone making it so much easier for me. It also allows for blog posts, dialogue posts, links, etc. Tumblr is what you want it to be... I won't have to blog long posts each time rambling on and I'll be able to post lots more pictures and now videos! I think everyone will be pleased with the new blog. I may post sometimes in blogger, but I'll link it from tumblr. Blogger was great when it was just me and Josh and I had the time to blog from a computer, but it's just not ideal anymore for me personally. So I hope everyone enjoys the change.... Here is the link: