Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Warning: Pregnant Woman

I thought I would give a little update on the pregnancy. I am 10 weeks this week and I definitely feel pregnant. I am thankful for no morning sickness, but the extreme fatigue has got to go. I am hoping I will have a little more energy once the 2nd trimester arrives in the next 3 weeks. I literally wake up tired and go to bed exhausted. I don't think I ever feel refreshed, which makes for a long long day. I'm always yawning and I only feel like laying on the couch all day. It doesn't put me in the best mood either since I am always tired. It feels like I haven't slept in days. The past couple days I have been suffering with a headache. The headache is probably from the pollen and it's no fun. I can't take any medication until the second trimester, so I just have to deal with it. I am also suffering from extreme preggo brain. I can literally think "Oh I have to do that.. or I need to do that!" and then forget it the next thought. It's very annoying. I've found myself just standing in the middle of a room thinking, "Why did I come in here?" I've also tried looking for the milk in the microwave, throwing trash away under a cabinet, and several other crazy things. I have also developed a lot of food aversions. Things just don't taste the same as they did... I've discovered I can not stand any produce from Walmart. It is disgusting. It tastes like water. I am going to try fruit from Publix and see if it tastes any better. I really am craving fresh peaches and grapes. I need to see if the Farmers Market is open because that's the best fruit hands down. I've also decided to not drink caffeine during the pregnancy, but I did cheat on Saturday and I had a sweet tea from Foosackly's. I debated with myself all day about having just one cup of sweet tea and I finally gave in.. I was ready to taste the pure deliciousness of a foo tea and as that first sip hit my taste buds, I was severely disappointed. It just did not have the same taste.. now maybe the person that made the tea didn't do a good job or maybe this whole taste thing threw off what I was expecting. Needless to say I feel a little better about missing out on my sweet tea now... I guess it just doesn't taste too good to me right now because I know deep down I don't need to be drinking caffeine. It will be better for our baby in the long run. Now I just need this fatigue to disappear and this will be an easy pregnancy!

P.S. Baby is starting to develop it's girl or boy parts this week... so if you're wanting one gender more than the other you better be praying! haha ;]

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh Hail...

This weekend we made a trip to Mobile! It had been a month since we had graced the town with our presence, so in my opinion it was long overdue! ;] There's nothing better than going back to mobtown to see everyone. I don't think a weekend is long enough though.. Basically we have one and 1/2 days to squeeze everyone in. It makes for a busy trip! We won't be back to Mobile until Easter weekend.. so about another month. We had a great time and didn't leave till about 3:15pm. The time change is great because we can leave a little later and still get back during daylight. Josh started saying stuff about leaving around 2.. but I said we're fine.. let's stick around just a little bit longer. I was actually very tired (thank you pregnancy), but I am kind of getting use to the feeling of exhaustion 24/7. So I kept Josh from trying to rush off because he always is trying to rush off from everything. Now let me explain why the fact that we stayed that extra hour was such a big deal...

We had an easy drive and had made it to 84 around Daleville when we started noticing this stuff on the ground that looked like snow. We both looked at each other with confusion on our faces because ummm it's 70 something degrees out.. obviously way too hot for snow. We keep driving and the snow ice stuff is everywhere.. Finally the curiosity is too much and we pull over to find out what this mystery is! As we pull to a stop I manage to yell out "It's hail!!" I was pretty proud of myself because I figured out what it was before Josh, who is Mr. Meteorology Minor. It was the last thing we were expecting because it never storms here in the Wiregrass! I even said that this weekend to my mom.. or a lot of times it will just rain for 5 minutes and then move on. So Josh gets out of the truck to pick up the hail.. The hail ranged from the size of a penny to a ping pong ball.. and there was LOTS of it. We got back on the road to home and talked about how glad we were that the storm hit in Daleville. There were limbs down and leaves everywhere. We kept driving and didn't notice anymore hail.. "whew" was our thought.. glad we don't have to worry about our house. We turn down the main road that heads toward our neighborhood and merge onto the county road.. when our attitudes changed. Josh says "Ohhhh nooo..." I say "You think there was a tornado?" Josh continues his "Oh no's and Oh man's" and "This isn't goods" as we look around and see hail.. leaves everywhere, limbs down.. The road was literally covered in leaves. And it just kept getting worse the closer we got to our neighborhood. We make the final turn before our neighborhood and all you see is hail... and the pretty pear trees that are just torn apart and missing their leaves. Since I have grown up on the Gulf Coast I can only describe that it looked like we had been through a hurricane. We both were holding our breath as we drove closer to our house as we look at our neighbors houses... When we pull into our driveway all I see is hail, thick hail, that has destroyed my flower bed. We jump out of the car and this is what we see..

The hail ranged from the size of a quarter to a golf ball (just in our yard - there were reports of tennis ball size hail).. Leaves were plastered to our house, grass had turned to dirt, spotlights were shattered, my hummingbird feeder shattered, grill cover looked like it had gone through a shredder, the vinyl on the back of our house is cracked, the roof on our porch is all dented, our air conditioning unit has dents, and the biggest of all... our roof is all messed up! It's really not something you want to drive up too.. especially when you weren't expecting it! At least for hurricanes you know what's coming and you know what to expect... We didn't even know there was severe weather in our forecast. Josh talked to our neighbors and found out the storm hit about 4:06pm it came from the west and we experienced straight line winds around 60 mph. The back of our house faces the west, so we got hit pretty bad. Thankfully our windows didn't shatter and our screened in porch wasn't shredded. We have a large oak tree behind our house that I believe helped shield the house. One neighbor said the storm was like noting she had ever heard. It sounded like a train was about to plow through her house and could hear glass being shattered outside. She was hiding in the bathtub for fear of a tornado. There were no reports of tornados, but straight line winds can be more damaging than a small tornado. I'm just thankful we came home to a house still standing. It could've been a lot worse and everything can be replaced. So here are a few thoughts to close out this blog... First - if I hadn't told Josh that we can stay a little longer than we could've been driving when that storm hit. Second - if I hadn't convinced Josh it was time to visit Mobile and we had been in town, I would've had a serious panic attack. I can't imagine the noise that storm was making and I know I would've been in the bathtub trying to hold both dogs and I know Josh wouldn't of listened to me and gotten in the bathtub too. That whole situation would not of been good for the pregnancy! We were about an hour and a half after the storm hit and the hail was still huge.. I can't imagine the size of it before it started melting. God was watching out for us!
Here are a few more pictures from our hail storm from the 27th of March:

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Little Surprise..

I know it has been an extremely long time since I have blogged, but that's because I have had a little secret I have been keeping from most of the world. We found out on February 21st that we are expecting a little baby! Yes, this means we are pregnant! It was a happy surprise and we are very excited! Baby Pritchard will make his/her debut around the end of October. The estimated due date is October 24th. Today we had the first appointment. (I am 9 weeks pregnant.) I had an ultrasound and was able to hear the heartbeat. That's just something that's too special to describe. It was very surreal to see our baby for the first time and to hear and see the heart beating. We watched the chest rise and fall as the little heart pumped! My pregnancy has been fairly easy so far.. I had some nausea around week 6 - 7, but it's gone now thankfully. The worst thing so far has been the cold I had last week because I can't take any medicine. Luckily I'm doing better now.. it was pretty miserable for a while there. Other than that the pregnancy has been easy besides the fact that I am always tired. The next appointment is April 18th, but it's just a checkup. We will not find out the sex until the end of May. It will be a long wait till then! Here is a picture of us with the ultrasound pictures:

Other than that exciting news, we have just been busy working... there is not much else to report on. My parents came to visit this past weekend for the first time since the beginning of December, so it was nice to have them here! I got a few maternity things courtesy of them, which is great since I can tell I am gaining weight! So thanks Mom and Dad!

Josh completed his range safety course last week and received his certificate... it was an intense course and he is glad to have that done and over with! His graduate class is coming to an end shortly! His final project is due on Wednesday! He is still holding in A in the course! That's a great accomplishment for a graduate level class! Yay Josh!

It's been so long since I've blogged I really can't remember if there is anything else to blog about.. I'll be updating regularly now and letting everyone know how the baby is doing!