Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

We still haven't finished the 3rd bedroom.... It has been a pain. After sanding it once, we discovered it had to be sanded again... So we did that and got the room ready for paint. We started painting on Friday and discovered Saturday morning that you can still see all the ridges from the stripes. Josh is thinking that 3 coats will hopefully cover the ridges up. It's still not finished because we ran out of paint yesterday and today has been very busy and we haven't had time to paint. Maybe next weekend he will get it done..

I have a funny story... Saturday morning we cooked a big breakfast.. eggs with cheese, bacon, and biscuits with gravy. (Yum) Josh was in charge of making the gravy. He cooked the bacon first so he would have some grease.. and then he poured in the flour. He starts stirring the flour around and he's like this doesn't look right, I don't think there is enough grease for the flour.. As he is saying this he reaches for some of the flour that is being cooked in hot grease... he picks up some clumps with his bare heads and I say "What are you doing!!!!!!" He looks at me holding the clumps in his hand and then with a delayed reaction goes "OW! Ow! Ow!" And runs to the sink to rinse the stuff off. Oh Josh.. what would we do without him? haha

Exciting news for the city of Dothan: We now have a brand new Hobby Lobby!!! I was sooo excited when I found out! I love Hobby Lobby and was sad to find out Dothan only had a Michaels when I first moved here. HL is just so much better and it has a lot more to choose from! I've been there twice so far!

Josh and his coworkers finally got the server working last Tuesday, so that's a big YAY! Thanks for your prayers!

This week will be easy for me at work. Monday and Tuesday we have Valentine parties for the two different classes. It's also a short week because we have winter break. Since we have a two day winter break, I am coming to Mobile! I am so excited! I am ready for some Foosacklys! I also get to meet my family's new dog, Jett. I wonder how Jackson is going to react to a new dog in his old home. haha It'll be interesting to see.

Josh's class is going well. He has gotten 90's on both his quizzes and is awaiting his grade on a project he just turned in on Wednesday. The class is already half way done and he is excited about that! His average is above the class average, so Go Josh!

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.. Josh and I aren't big fans of this holiday. Therefore, we don't do much for it. We decided to go out to eat today in order to avoid crowds. We went to Olive Garden and it was so so good. I had not been to OG in a long time, so it was delish! We were going to go to a movie, but stuff came up, so we will see it another weekend. Josh also got me a new dress, which is the best gift for me! I love clothes! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

This week is suppose to be wonderful weather! High 60's/low 70's.. I am so excited! I will be spending some time outside soaking up some sun! Enjoy the week y'all!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Blog Changes..

I'm not sure if everyone can see it or not, but I redesigned the blog and added a new template and font. I think it makes it more fun!

We are in the middle of prepping our 3rd room for paint! We had to sand all the walls because the people who owned the house before painted it with stripes and there was a ridge between each stripe. That was hard work and my arm and wrist hurts! Josh is starting to tape the baseboards now. I don't think we will paint until tomorrow though because it's already 5pm and we have been going nonstop all day. Josh finished our master bath touchups, while I sanded the other room. Therefore, the bathroom is finished! We just have to take down tape! I will upload pictures as soon as I can..

Tonight I am making fried chicken fingers.. I found a batter mixture that I am going to try so hopefully they will turn out. Every other time I've tried to fry things it just hasn't turned out! The taste is not there.. I've tried several different recipes, but it's just never that good. I prefer my food grilled most of the time, but Josh likes fried of course. I also think that since I am pulling out our fryer it calls for some fried pickles! Yum! Fried chicken fingers, mashed potatoes, and green beans. Sounds good to me!

As I mentioned in the previous blog post, Josh is needing the prayers for his job! The database went down on Friday and he was at work till 8pm trying to fix it. His boss wasn't too happy and they didn't get it completely fixed, so Monday isn't a day he is looking forward too. Please pray that they can figure out the problem and all will be fixed. He is really wishing Justin was here because he is the computer guy and the whole problem never would've happened if he had been there.

Ok I have to get started on supper! Have a great weekend!

This is us on the playground at Fort Rucker.. :] It's beautiful there.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Rain Rain...

It's really cold outside and raining.. I wish it would snow! But it's not in the forecast sadly... "/ The northern states have enough snow! They should share some with us down here!

Last weekend we painted our master bathroom. It was like a mint toothpaste green color and now it's a darker green color. I really like it! The pictures don't do the color justice. We still have some spots to touch up, so we will finish it this weekend. So far we have been able to check two things off our goals for 2011: clean out spare bedroom and paint master bath. Go us!

Josh has been stressed the past couple of weeks. His coworker is in Arizona for the National Guard, so Josh is holding up the fort without him. He has been very busy and things haven't been going the way he would like them. So keep him in your prayers for the next couple months because Justin won't be back until May. On top of the added stress from work, he is also dealing with classes. He has a project due next week, so that's another reason to keep him in your prayers!

I am finally feeling better after being sick for 2 weeks. (Knock on wood) I was having a lot of sinus problems, but I finally beat it. Luckily it never traveled past my head. I don't have any funny stories to share from my classroom this post. Maybe next time.

We also picked out paint for our third bedroom and bathroom. It's a green color, but it has more yellow in it than the color we picked for our master bath. So one weekend we will be accomplishing that goal.

Well I'm going to stop blogging now because my computer is being very slow for some reason. I am typing an entire paragraph and then having to wait 5 minutes for it to all pop up and it is very irritating! I need to restart my computer, so I must sign off!