Thursday, March 1, 2012

4 Months

My baby boy turned 4 months old on Tuesday. He is growing and changing so much every day. His newest accomplishment is rolling from back to front. According to BabyCenter, babies are suppose to roll from tummy to back first because they do not have enough neck and arm strength to roll back to tummy. However, my child is just so advanced, he skipped the tummy to back step and went straight to rolling back to front. ;] He's such a big, strong boy! As exciting as it was when he first rolled over, it's not so exciting anymore because now he won't lay on his activity mat and play because all he wants to do is roll over! That mat was a great way to occupy him and now it's out of the equation unless I want to keep running over there and flip him back over!
We also gave him his first taste of applesauce on Tuesday. He loved it! However, I mix it with rice cereal (which he hates) so I get a mixed reaction when I feed him. It depends on how much of the apples he can taste! Since he's had a couple days of applesauce with zero negative reactions, I am going to give him pears tonight. If you're wondering if this food is helping him sleep, the answer is no. Apparently 3 hours is as long as he is going to make it.
He is wearing 9 month clothes. He can still fit in 6 month onesies, but for pants he needs 9 months. He is still wearing size 3 diapers. He should be in the size 3 for a little while because they go to 28 pounds.
He smiles, laughs, squeals, crackles, and talks all the time. He really is a happy baby! At the end of the month, I will take him for his check up to see how much he's grown in 2 months!

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