Friday, March 30, 2012

5 Months

Bryson is 5 months old now! I don't like it because next he will be 6 months, which is half way to a year! I think this month he has changed the most. He is now reaching for things, putting everything in his mouth (straight to his mouth as before he might bop himself on the head trying to find his mouth), and squealing at the top of his lungs! He squeals when he plays, in his crib, in the middle of a restaurant, at the store... anywhere and everywhere! He babbles a lot and I know he's close to saying mama or dada! He is very close to sitting up without assistance. He has rolled from tummy to back, but we haven't seen him do it because he does it in his crib. He is about 19 pounds and still wearing 9 month clothes and some 12 month shorts. We are late on his 4 month well check. His appointment isn't until April 11th and he'll be getting two more shots. I've stopped feeding him solids because he just didn't seem to enjoy it and it wasn't helping him sleep. So he obviously wasn't starving like many people tried to tell me. He had his first cold this month, which was not a fun experience especially since I was sick too. For two nights we just curled up in our guest bed together and tried to sleep as best we could. Thankfully we are both well again! He's wanting to play with toys more. He reaches for everything. You can't put anything near him without him wanting to grab it! I've been taking him to the park to walk and he loves it! He just sits back and watches everything. We have been working on his sleep issues. For a few days he was doing really well and only waking up twice. Then he regressed for a few days and one night woke up 8 times. But for the past couple days he's gone back to waking twice. Hopefully I'll get him down to only waking once soon. He's such a sweet boy!

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